Leadership Conference
September 9th








1st of its kind workshop in Lebanon & Middle-East.

A life changing experience with the world's best leadership trainer, international speaker, executive coach and best selling author Eric Hubler.

But most importantly, be inspired.. wearing kimonos, standing on tatamis and living the great experience of Hubler's innovative leadership concept inspired by martial arts.

Registrations are open until August 20th 2014.

Places are limited.

For more info: +961.76.110707 - info@purple-minds.com


The AÏKIDO MANAGEMENT® program will help you discover and experience behavioral techniques proven complying with the new requirements of permanent adaptability (pressure of globalization, new technologies...), with cross-sectional results in the following main areas:

  • Governance and corporate culture.
  • Strategy.
  • Change management.
  • Conflicts and crisis management.
  • People and team management.
  • Advanced communication.
  • Customer relationship, negotiation and commercial performance.
  • Time & stress management.
  • The learning tools delivered will help you manage the above situations with greater confidence, efficiency, fluidity and serenity.


Corporate executives, entrepreneurs and senior managers in leadership roles or aspiring leaders in their respective fields who are keen to maintain the cutting edge to sustain success as leaders.


Inspiration from the very beginning till the end, wearing kimonos and standing on tatamis, this experiential event will touch your hearts, minds and spirits. By participating you will be able to:

  • Explore leadership from a new perspective.
  • Discover how to lead, negotiate and manage more effectively.
  • Gain greater self-control and improve your relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Find the keys to high performance results regardless of the socio-economic vicissitudes.


From 8:30 am till 6 pm.


1. Introduction to the AÏKIDO MANAGEMENT® concept, a model for personal and professional excellence.

A philosophy of Leadership Through Balance®

  • Being Leader is primarily serving.
  • Making others grow.
  • How does Balance influence Leadership?

2. The 3 keys of Leadership Through Balance®:

BECOME STRONGER (Ki): the energy of performance.

  • Body: optimize your energy level to achieve your objectives as a leader.
  • Posture and breathing - what "being centered" means and everyday applications.
  • Heart: self-control and optimization of emotional energy - Managing fears and pressure - how to "let it go".
  • Head: the right mindset - Emptiness by meditation and understanding of how individual/collective beliefs create success or failure.

HARMONIZE (Aï): Using fluidity to manage resistances.

  • How to feel and make others feel comfortable with change: "Be water, my friend!"
  • Practicing the right distance, effective listening and empathy.
  • Improve team cohesion: secrets of harmony within a team.
  • Negotiating, overcoming resistance and managing conflicts and crisis by using the power of non-resistance (Aikido) - Cooperation is superior to competition!

GET BETTER (Do): Working on individual and collective excellence.

  • From effectiveness to efficiency - 3 high performance leverages: field, timing, rhythm.
  • Commitment, quality and attention to details that make the difference.
  • Think bigger and "Out of the box"!
  • Code of Conduct and exemplarity: 7 values of excellence inspired from the Bushido.

Each part will be conducted with various types of exercises and debates.


Leader through aïkido®, the world's best leadership certificate.


1045 USD


  • Corporate rates available upon request
  • Date may be subject to change without prior notice
  • Cancellations less than 10 working days prior to the event date is subject to a 50% cancellation fee.


"Aikido Management is a unique and exciting program that makes us discover the World of martial arts and understand how managing properly others energy can be a multiplier of your own energy." Olivier Lorans, MD Puma - France (now MD Puma - South Korea).



  • CEO of Altamira Development / Strasbourg (France).
  • Consultant - Trainer - Speaker - Coach of managers.
  • Leadership expert, founder of the Aïkido Management® concept.
  • Co-author of the books The Equilibrist and Haute Tension.
  • President of an Aïkido club in France - Former competitor in Judo.

After graduating from the Strasbourg Business School (IECS) in 1989, Eric started his career in the United States as Head of the Alsace Trade Office in Los Angeles, representing 7 french companies.

He then spent 6 months in South America and worked for 2 years as Europe Sales Manager for a French industrial company before joining the family business (Hubler SA) in 1994.

He spent 12 years as commercial director in the company, which ranked in 2004 amongst the best performing companies in France.

He created Altamira Development in 2005, searching for a new professional challenge.

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